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TIps2invest welcome you all!

As this’s blog name itself suggest that here you will get lots of tips through which you earn good money and can also invest your money for a good profit.

In this blog, you will also get lots of banking-related information like how to check bank balance via mobile.

Along with the above information, here you will also get complete knowledge about cryptocurrencies like BTC, LTC, ETH and many more. Even we will also help you in buying such crypto tokens.

If you are also looking for in-depth knowledge about Mutual Funds, SIPs, Long terms Stocks and much more information related to the Share market.

About the Author

Hello, I am Abhishek Chauhan lived in Bengaluru now. I am Investing since 2009 onwards in many portfolios.

Initially, I started investing in Mutual Funds from only INR 1000/- in the Reliance Growth Fund. At that time I started with only a small amount because initially, I was not having faith in my Finance adviser and also I was thinking that my money may be lost. So I believe in investing in old ideas like Fixed deposits, Post office schemes, etc.

But after 2 years I realize that my investment in the mutual fund is giving very good returns as compared to FD and all. And I started investing more in mutual funds in many schemes.

Also, I started trading in the future and options in stocks and Indices also. Initially, I face profits and losses both and at the end of the month, the story ends at loss actually. The main reason was I was trading on a listening basis and I realize that I have to study first about the market and then I started analyzing the markets and making profits.

After that, I decided to Invest in Equity for a long term perspective and invested in SBI, ICICI Banks, Ashley, NATALU and many more stocks.

Now I want to share my ups and downs in trading and investing as per my experience.