Best Altcoins to invest in 2019 for huge profit

Are you really looking for top altcoins to invest in cryptocurrency? Then here you will get the perfect answer to your question. We have made three categories according to their risk factor. first 5 altcoins are safest coins of 2019 in which we can invest.

After that, you will get medium risk best altcoins to invest in 2019 and with these altcoins, you will get a huge profit in upcoming years. In the last category, we have put those altcoins which are high risk but can give 5x to 10x profit in the upcoming year. But it totally upon you which altcoin you choose to invest in 2019.

So, are you ready to have a look on the list of top best altcoins to invest in 2019 year? Invest in cryptocurrency at your own risk because we all know that it is very risky and volatile in nature. Within one minute price of any altcoin touch the sky and next minute it can also touch the bottom of price graph.

Top Safest altcoin to invest in 2019

Here we have made a list of safest altcoin to invest in 2019, with these coins you can definitely earn money but for short term investor, still, these altcoins are very risky. To do trading very carefully. But once the crypto market is good then you will definitely see a boom in the price of these altcoins.

  1. Tron coin
  2. Cardano coin (ADA)
  3. Ethereum coin
  4. NEO coin
  5. Ripple coin

best altcoins to buy


Top best medium risk altcoins to invest in 2019

If you have some abandoned money with you, then you invest in these medium risk altcoins to take good profit in future. So this is the list of medium risk altcoins to invest and made a huge profit with them.

  1. Zilliqa coin
  2. Icon coin
  3. Waltonchain coin
  4. VeChain coin
  5. Ambrosis coin
  6. ontology coin

Top best high-risk altcoins to invest in 2019

To invest in given bellow altcoin for short term is very very risky but for the long term, you can easily earn 2x to 10x profit. As risk level is very high in these coins, similarly profit ratio is very high. So have a look at high-risky altcoin to invest in the 2019 year and earn huge money in the crypto market.

  1. Hydro coin
  2. NeuroChain coin
  3. Monetha coin
  4. Pundi X coin
  5. Digitex futures
  6. Bread coin

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