Best Virtual debit card to make international payment

Currently, the virtual debit card is very much in demand and people are looking to create a virtual card to make payments internationally. With the help of virtual cards, we can easily make payment from any country. That’s why you should know about the best virtual debit card provider.

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Virtual cards are much safer than physical cards because in virtual cards we need not to share our cards details while making payment. Because of better security of virtual debit cards, people are moving towards virtual cards and making online payment all over the world.

If you are not aware of Virtual debit cards then a question will definitely arise in your mind.

What is virtual debit cards?

How many of you have a debit card? A virtual debit card is almost the same as your normal debit card but virtual debit cards are not available physically. We can use virtual cards at every place instead of physical cards excepts some places. It looks like normal debit cards which our banks provide to us. With the help of virtual debit cards, we can not make ATM transactions. But we can make international payment with the help of virtual cards as this feature is not available in normal cards.

Virtual debit card features are given below

If you are not aware of the key features of virtual cards then you should have a look at given below points. We should have depth knowledge about virtual debit cards.

  • Virtual cards are very easy to use.
  • Initially, virtual card is provided with Rs 20000 limit but after completion of KYC, this limit extended up to Rs 1 lakh.
  • There is no last date of validity of virtual cards, which is best for us.
  • Any person who is using internet banking enabled account, they can create a virtual debit card within a few seconds.
  • At various places, we can use these virtual debit cards.

List of the virtual debit card provider

Here we have made a list of Top 5 most famous virtual debit card providers which are used by a lot of people. So have a look at it and get ready to make payment with virtual cards.

811 By Kotak Bank

By visiting official sites of Kotak bank, we can easily make an online banking account at Kotak bank and after that, we can also create a Kotak bank virtual debit cards. By giving some basic details like Adhar No, PAN and, some more details, it is very easy to create online bank account and virtual card.

811 By Kotak Bank

There are some terms and conditions for opening 811 bank account like you should be a minimum of 18 years old and resident of India. You will only get individual accounts and there is no facility to provide joint accounts.

Few steps to get 811 bank account:

  • first of all, go to Kotak Bank office site i.e.
  • Then click on 811 Digital bank account option given on site.
  • Enter your mobile no and verify it.
  • After that enter your personal details and get your 811 Kotak bank account.
  • And generate Kotak bank virtual debit card.

Pockets card by ICICI bank

Pocket card is one of the most famous virtual debit card which is provided by ICICI bank with awesome features. ICICI bank provides a mobile app through which you can create an instant account. There are a lot of offers are available for Pockets users.

Pockets card by ICICI bank

Pocket virtual card provides great flexibility to transfer money to bank accounts, mobile numbers, email id, WhatsApp contacts. WIthin a few simple clicks, we can send money to our friends.

Have a look at the very short and simple registration process which is given below:

  • First of all, download the mobile app
  • Then enter your basic details for registration
  • After that verify your mobile number
  • Create your user ID and password of your choice
  • Now you can transfer money via internet banking, NEFT, IMPS to load the virtual card.

PayZapp card by HDFC bank

HDFC Bank’s PayZapp is also the best option to make online bank accounts and to create virtual debit cards. After that, we can use that virtual card to make online payments and shopping.

PayZapp card by HDFC bank virtual cards

There are a lot of features are available in PayZapp card like online payment, mobile recharge, online payment send, movie ticket booking, and many other features.

Let us have a look at the registration process for PayZapp:

  • Download the app OR give a missed call on 1800 833 4141 OR SMS PAYZAPP to 5676712 OR scan the QR code
  • After that enter your basic details
  • Then register with your mobile number with your HDFC bank
  • After that, you have to verify through OTP
  • Create 4 to 12 digit secure PIN which you have to remember and you are good to go
  • Link any bank’s debit card or credit card to make payment

DigiBank by DBS

DBS is also providing DigiBank card to customers. It is also a virtual debit card and it is used to make international payments. We can open a digisaving account with the help of Adhaar card or PAN card. DBS provides a high standard of security to customers.

DigiBank by DBS

Digibank comes with wonderful option i.e. Samsung Pay which is a simple and secure way to pay at merchant’s outlet. Due to this Samsung Pay features, we can make offline payment at various merchants using a Samsung phone.

This virtual card is available with a lot of features like

  • We can easily make payment of any credit card
  • To send money, We can use UPI option
  • We can also pay using QR code and Bharat code
  • It also provides 24*7 artificial intelligence assistance
  • Even we can also buy mutual funds and can easily trace its progress

Yes Pay card by Yes Bank

Yes bank offers a mobile application i.e. yes Pay. With the help of this application we can easily create an online bank account and after that, we can easily create a yes pay virtual debit card. This card is used in many online transactions like mobile recharge, UPI payment, bill payments etc.

Yes Pay card by Yes Bank

Even we can also do online shopping with this virtual card. This Yes pay card is very useful for those people who want to make online payment internationally.

So let us have a look at some other features of Yes pay virtual debit card.

  • You can easily register with your Adhaar card and PAN card.
  • We can easily send money through UPI option also.
  • We can buy mobile insurance.
  • It is easy to view Statement and transaction history.
  • We can easily split bills among friends.

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