how to buy dragonchain and from where- best guide to buy

Do you want to buy Dragonchain coin (DRGN)? But do not have any idea about how to buy dragonchain coin, then do not worry about it. Today we will help you to buy DRGN coin.

As we all are aware that we can not buy dragonchain coin(DRGN) directly with our cash or local currency. unless and until we are using USD, PayPal, Euros and many other most powerful payments methods and currency. So it is one of the biggest and common problems in front of us.

But there is a way to buy dragonchain coin(DRGN) and it will give an answer to your question i.e. how to buy dragonchain coin(DRGN). So take a deep breath and learn to the best way to buy this cryptocurrency.

First of all, we have to buy Bitcoin, if we want to buy dragonchain coin(DRGN). Even we can also but some other cryptocurrencies like Litecoin, ETH, and some other most popular coins.

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Now again another question arises from where we can buy these coins i.e. Bitcoin, ETH, and Litecoin. So this problem, we will suggest you take the help of the most popular crypto exchanges. There are lots of crypto exchanges available in the market which help us to buy bitcoin, Litecoin, and ETH in place of our cash or currency.

Most popular crypto exchanges are Binance, Coinbase, and Wazirx (only in India) from where we can easily but bitcoin and some other popular coins. If you are having an account on given above exchanges then it is very easy for you. But if you are new then first you have to create an account on any of the exchanges.

Here is a list of best exchanges which are currently accepting new signups:-

Let us buy Bitcoin with CoinBase exchange and I hope you are already having a CoinBase account. The complete process we will understand in small steps. Hope you will definitely get an answer to How to buy Dragonchain coin (DRGN).

Step 01: How to buy Dragonchain coin (DRGN)

First, create an account on and if you will create your account with our link then you will get $10 bonus when you purchase $100 worth bitcoin. It is a create deal for you and this is the first step from where you can starting making money. If you are havingCoinBase account then you have to skip the first four steps.

Fill the complete details and create an account on CoinBase and after completion of a few basic things, you can sign in into CoinBase. Do not forget to set up all the security steps to save your accounts.

how to buy dragonchain coin

Step 02

Here you have already login into your CoinBase account and now you have to link your bank account. Click on “Link a New account” and fill your credit/debit card details. Once you have linked an account then CoinBase will make two small transactions into your account to verify it. Open your online bank account and verify that payment.

from where to buy dragonchain coin

Step 03

Now, click on the Buy/Sell option and buy some most popular cryptocurrency like Bitcoin, Litecoin and ETH. You can buy any coin as per your choice and make the payment with your linked account.

We will prefer to buy Bitcoin because most of the exchanges prefer Bitcoin as a currency to buy Dragonchain coin.  You will get some amount of Bitcoin as per its current price in your wallet.

Now we have to buy Dragonchain coin. For that, we have to move to those exchanges which have already listed Dragonchain coin(DRGN).

buy drgn coin

Step 04

In this step, we will send our bitcoin from CoinBase to Kucoin exchange because DRGN coin is available on Kucoin. Now you have to create an account on Kucoin by just filling some basic details. Even you can also select any of the exchange where Dragonchian coin is available to buy.

kucoin login


Step 05

After completion of all the security steps, now you are ready to transfer your bitcoin which we have bought at CoinBase exchange to new exchange i.e. Kucoin. In the menu, click on the deposits option and get your bitcoin deposit address of Kucoin exchange.


Step 06

Come back to your CoinBase exchange account and click on the send option. Here you have to send your money to the new exchange. After that paste the bitcoin wallet address of Kucoin exchange where we want to send our fund and verify it. Make sure that your address is correct so that you do not lose your fund.

send dragonchain

Step 07

After sending fund from CoinBase exchange to Kucoin exchange, you will see fund in your new exchange. Wait for few minutes for the completion of the transaction. You will happy to see fund in Kucoin exchange.


Step 08

Here we are totally ready to buy Dragonchain coin which is a perfect answer to our question i.e. How to buy Dragonchain. Click on the exchange tab and open the trade window. Now place an order to buy Dragonchain(DRGN) in the exchange with Bitcoin. Place the trade which should be above the default minimum limit set by the exchange.

dragonchain on kucoin

Step 09

After placing a buy order at your desired rate, dragonchian coin will appear in your wallet. Congratulation, you have a successfull bought dragonchain coin.

We hope you have got a perfect answer to your question i.e. How to buy dragonchain coin(DRGN). Always keep your eyes on the price of dragonchain and sold at a good profit.

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